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Quality Analysis

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The quality analysis comprises a total of nearly 100 parameters drawn from quality related ISO standards such as: 12647, 5-3, 5-4, 2846-2, 12635, 3664, 15930 and WAN-IFRA-parameters.

The quality analysis comprises a total of nearly 100 parameters drawn from ISO standards (12647, 5-3, 5-4, 2846-2, 12635, 3664, 15930) and WAN-IFRA parameters.

WAN-IFRA certification contains the evaluation of the measured printing quality obtained from monthly printing tests carried out over a period of six months, the visual assessment of the general printing quality and an audit in the printing plant as well as. The audit includes a workflow analysis and checks, among other things, the level of know-how among the personnel in working with measuring instruments and data files. Other components are CtP exposure tests and the production of a test print, carried out in the presence of the auditor, who also performs the evaluation. The certification is valid for two years and can be subsequently renewed. Many printing operations use the certification for marketing purposes. However, the majority of participants consider its main benefit to be the internal further training of their personnel. Many printing plant customers expect a certified company as a basis for placing their orders for print products.


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2012-02-28 14:47

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Since 2005, WAN-IFRA has certified several newspaper printing plants based on ISO 12647-3. Use the certification to improve production workflows, quality level, staff know-how, and market position. Read more ...